Fri April 20 2018
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Written by: Adam S. Abdi

Ku akhriso boggan Af-Somali

Laba-Qarax Guur "shattered marriage" is a Somali novel, which the author carefully portrayed marriage failure, caused by the disintegration of the Somali family structure after the civil war.

In his writing, Mr. Abdi makes you feel, care, and deeply understand the life of a married Somali couple who the difficulties and hardships in a refugee camp, and in a war torn country took them apart. It is a vivid and rich story that is blended and flavored with authentic Somali culture that makes you read twice and even more…
On many occasions, lot of women discussed how handsome and elegant Ciise was. They said, many times, the girl he falls in love with is truly a lucky one. When Ciise reached manhood, he worked hard to win the heart of Ifraax whose beauty, dignity and personality another girl had never paralleled.

When Ciise became her husband and shared with her his sole and life, and decided to live with her in eternity, Ifraax remarried in the United States another man whose background was in mystery. Unfortunately, she destroyed the love and the relationship between her and her husband, Ciise. She overlooked the legal religious marriage that both her close and distant relatives had been invited. She abandoned this marriage for another one without prior divorce proceedings.

Laba-Qarax Guur “shattered marriage” is a very shocking tale with full of disappointment that will bring tears to your cheeks. Find out the dreadful agony that happened to Ciise, and the broken love promises of Ifraah.

Ku akhriso boggan Af-Somali